Uncle Mike’s Kydex holster


Uncle Mike’s Kydex Holster



My first Kydex holster was an Uncle mike’s paddle holster. It fit a Sig Pro 2340 and held the firearm on my side for many years, and more than a few trips to the range.

The holster is made of a molded kydex plastic that is a custom fit to the pistol.  The kydex allows for a smooth draw, and the retention strength is adjustable for a more secure fit, or an easier draw.  Without a thumb strap or other type of active retention, this holster is more suitable for concealed or range carry.
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Maxpedition Monsoon Review


Maxpedition Monsoon Gearslinger.

So I met my Brother in law at the local Greek Joint for lunch one day.

Before I go to far, let me say, I have been friends with this guy from High school.  I actually knew him before he started dating my sister. So he is the kind of Brother in Law that I look forward to seeing for the Holidays.  So yeah, I like the guy.

So as I said… Met him for lunch.  I was buying a Glock 26 from him, that he was selling as a fundraiser for an upgrade to a gen 4.

So we meet, eat, catch up and have a good hour just visiting.  The meal is about done, when he hands over a backpack that I (correctly) assume contains my new pistol and says….

You can keep the backpack too.” 
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New Blog

If you are looking for the old webpage for  XVI, it has been removed.  I have closed the business.

This blog will be for my other hobbies, reviewing Holsters, Guns and Gear.  Keep checking back and see what I have tried, and how it worked.

If you were looking for the google mail login, it is still active, and will stay that way. I would create a bookmark at the login, to save trouble.

So let me know, what do you want reviewed?

Leave a comment and I will do my best.